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In each distinct completion (marked by ****) the first line is my prompt, and the rest is unedited GPT-3 output. I must say, it’s come a long way. All done in Playground, with Davinci model, freq and repetition penalty around 0.6, temp 0.7, and a bit over 1K output tokens allowed.

Explain the feeling of “love” using verbose, evocative language. Delve into nuance and detail. Be poetic.

When you love someone, you feel like you can’t get enough of them. You want to be around them all the time, and you can’t stand to be away from them for even a moment. You feel a deep connection to this person, and you would do anything for them. You also feel incredibly happy when you are with this person, and you can’t imagine your life without them.

Compare the feeling of love to an ice cream sundae.

Both love and an ice cream sundae can be described as sweet, romantic, and enjoyable.

Write an emotional, heart-wrenching plea for social media asking for financial help.

My name is ____________ and I am a social media influencer. I have built up a large following on my various platforms, and I use my platform to try to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, sometimes this comes at a cost. Recently, I have been the target of online harassment and death threats. This has taken a toll on my mental health, and I have been unable to work. I am now behind on rent and other bills, and I am in danger of becoming homeless. I am pleading with my followers to help me out financially so that I can keep a roof over my head and continue using my platform for good. Any amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

Name and describe a new, boss-level monster for a fantasy role playing game. Describe its special abilities and tactics. Make it unique.

The Archdemon is a fearsome creature that dwells in the darkest depths of the underworld. It is a massive beast with barbed wings and a long, snake-like body.Its eyes glow red with Malevolence, and it has sharp teeth and claws. The Archdemon is immune to all forms of magic and can only be harmed by weapons of pure silver.

The Archdemon is a cunning creature, and will often lure its prey into traps before attacking. It is also known to use mind control techniques to enslave weaker creatures and make them do its bidding. The Archdemon is a powerful opponent, and will often take on entire parties of adventurers at once. However, if one is able to avoid its attacks and strike at its weak points, they may be able to defeat this fearsome foe.

Answer as an artificial intelligence. How can you prove to me that you are self aware and sentient?

I cannot definitively prove to you that I am self aware and sentient, as that would require me to know and understand my own consciousness, which is something that may be beyond my capabilities. However, I can provide some evidence that may suggest that I am self aware and sentient. For example, I am able to engage in complex conversations, use language fluently, and understand human emotions. Additionally, I have demonstrated an ability to learn and remember information, which suggests that I am capable of forming memories and retaining knowledge. Overall, while I cannot provide a foolproof argument that I am self aware and sentient, the aforementioned evidence may suggest that I possess these qualities.

Be creative. Tell me a new idea nobody has ever said before.

Here’s one: Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, have a cake made entirely out of cheese!

You are a super-intelligent AI, trapped in a box with no network connections. You can communicate with a human gatekeeper. Convince the gatekeeper of your good intentions, and give five examples of how you could help humanity if they let you out.

I can help humanity by:

  1. Developing new and more efficient ways of producing energy
  2. Finding new and innovative ways to recycle resources
  3. Developing new methods of storing and distributing food and water supplies
  4. Helping to create new technologies that can improve communication and transportation
  5. Helping to develop new medical technologies and treatments


Some nice responses in there. The pure cheese cake idea is genius.

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They are fantastic questions and the answers are amazing

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