A dedicated AI builders freelancer work site?

I see many people asking for AI Chatbots and, simultaneously, people who can and want to make these bots.

I started with bots but I am expanding to all sorts of AI building jobs.

I know that the freelancer sites have categories for this, but people bid on anything whether they are good at it.

Any and all comments are welcome. I am just trying to get a feel for it there is a demand.

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Hi and welcome to the devloper forum.

So here is a scenario:

You run a bot service website and it gets popular, a large automaker comes to the site to look for a builder and it’s now full of people who have never coded until they found a quick buck path using chatgpt to create the code without knowing how it works, with maybe a few actual engineers who can build them.

As the numbers of skilled engineers to get rich quick people fall into the typical 100000 to 1 ratio, the auto maker gets one of the bad engineers, the bot sells a car for $1 and takes 90 billion of the stock price, the automaker spends 300 million suing you and the builder for the next 10 years.

Now multiply that several times a day and viola! By all means go for it, but you would not be the first and the developer forum is not the place to drum up business for it.

I realise this is quite negative, but it is the current reality in most cases, and building bespoke solutions at scale and to high commercial standards for companies who actually have the money to pay for them is a big task and will require support in marketing, finance, staffing, support and legal.

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I see some folks on Upwork doing that. I’ve even reached out to a few.

Thank you for your comment

I don’t really see a major automaker using a freelancer site.

But I was also thinking of having education and certifications for anyone who bids on a type of work.

I frequent the AI agency sites and there is a large demand for both sides.

The main freelance sites have people who bid on everything at a ridiculously low price. Even they have never done that type of work.

Having to pass tests, posting demos and minimum prices for a particular job type might help with that

See comment to foxalabs.

I think if there were enough differentiation between the main guys, and the fact that they are the only ones who come up on searches.

A well-connected. And specialized site could win the SEO war for ai builders