A bot that generates a podcast

Hi folks. I wrote a bot that generates a podcast that reports the weather forecast for Brooklyn, NY. I’m using OpenAI’s /completions endpoint to add some editorial summarization of the weather forecast I pull from the National Weather Service.

Here’s a write up of the how and why I made this bot.


Cool idea, and love that you open-sourced it. The weather report itself is quite short though (~30s), are you considering expanding the amount of content that’s generated? Love the concept of weather and a joke, I think it’d be interesting to give the outputs more personality with finetuned models and voice cloning (ie respeecher, resemble.ai, overdub).


Hey @asabet. Thanks for taking a look! The forecast is as long or as short as the NWS provides in their “detailed forecast” for the day and the night of the episode. I decided to keep it concise instead of tacking on forecasts for future days.

I definitely want to evolve the personality of the AI part, and will look at fine-tuned models when I do.

Voice cloning sound very cool, but I don’t want to spend significant money on this little art project. Current operating cost is ~$2.50/month, and about $1 of that is Amazon Polly. It looks like the solutions you recommended cost a lot more.

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