A 5+hr Course on Building a Financial Q&A Chatbot with GPT

Hi there, I just wanted to announce a project that I recently spent over 200+ hours on.

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I created a project-based, beginner friendly course that builds a Financial Q&A chatbot that you can as:

  • stock market questions (“why is tesla selling off”)

  • earnings call questions (“what did the Netflix CEO say about subscriptions?”)

  • and personal finance questions (“what’s the difference between 401k and IRA”)

Everything is explained in plain English and it only uses Python, so no need to know any other stack. I created this course partly because when I first started using GPT, I felt there was a lot to digest, and there were too many resources.

Every relevant topic to building RAG-based Q&A chatbot is covered, without using any framework (like Langchain).

The intended audience is Python engineers with some Pandas experience who want a crash course on all these topics.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the course description here.

There’s a special 40% discount for OpenAI forum members (OPENAI) as well.