501 Error developing plug

Hi @oneilsh
In my research I supposed that I could give some help on three threads simultaneously:

  1. This one: 501 Error developing plug ;
  2. Yours: Model only calling 2 of 3 endpoints
  3. and a third one using the Model.update: Python unbound method dict.update() needs an argument

I supposed they could be related to a same cause: the endpoint doesn’t support a functionality - maybe causing the 501 Error.

The Model.update is not documented, at least in OpenAI documentation - and it is used in the third thread as this:

import openai
from openai import Model, api_key
#Call the OpenAI API to update the model
response = Model.update(

with the following error:

response = Model.update(
TypeError: unbound method dict.update() needs an argument

I presented here as an option in case someone is using it. I am not sure if it can be applied to your case. Except for the documented model.list, all other objects in import model have no documentation, are rarely used - sometimes found in GitHub, and I am not sure if they were deprecated - the models/endpoints don’t support them (anymore?) causing 501 error.

Maybe it was an excess of presumption on my part to try to find some pattern in the countless interface errors of this “gpt-plugin-mania” that exploded in these last few weeks. In your specific case, I’ll try to check your thread more carefully, in more detail, and try to help as much as possible, if you’ll let me.