500 internal error is getting displayed when tried to access one of the saved chats

hello, I keep on getting 500 internal server error message when I try to access shared/saved chat link. I had saved the chat publicly and with make this chat discoverable set as false.


same issue for me! first time trying the shared link so not sure if it’s always been broken or what.
Logged in or not, in incognito as well.

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yeah i tried the same as well, kept getting the same issue

Same issue here! Please, fix it, I need to access the shared chat :sob:

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Please help to fix it. Thanks.

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Same here. Please look into this. Thanks!

Same for me, would be great to get this working again quickly

Same with Firefox on Linux. Also, the link does not copy. Uncaught NextJS error in the console.

still ongoing Internal Error

I am facing the same issue

Same thing for me. Please solve it :frowning:

As far I can see, this issue is solved: the links are working for me