4o tendency to fabricate details

This is happening a lot with 4o - if it doesn’t know something it just makes stuff up, 4 was better and 3.5 the best response:

prompt: “do you know the ovel the guests by nikki smith”
"Yes, “The Guests” by Niki Smith is a graphic novel that tells a suspenseful and supernatural story. In this graphic novel, a girl named Holly and her family move to a small town to escape the stresses of their old life. However, their new home is filled with ghostly apparitions and mysterious occurrences. As Holly investigates, she uncovers dark secrets about the house and its previous inhabitants. The story explores themes of family, trauma, and the supernatural, with a strong emphasis on atmosphere and character development.

Would you like more information or a specific aspect of the novel?"

“It appears there may be a mix-up in the title or author name as “The Guests” by Nikki Smith isn’t a widely recognized novel. However, Nikki Smith is an author known for psychological thrillers such as “All In Her Head” and “Look What You Made Me Do.” If you’re referring to a different book or author, could you please provide more details or correct any potential errors in the information provided? I can then help you find the correct information or suggest similar books you might enjoy!”

3.5: “Guests” by Nikki Smith isn’t a novel I’m familiar with. It’s possible that it’s a newer release or a less well-known work. If you can provide more details about the plot or characters, I might be able to offer some insights or discuss similar novels!"

Happens with all my queries so far - previous one was asking to identify an album by its cover - 4o went on a mad run of making up hilarious answers rather than saying it didn’t know.

4o seems to totally ignore subsequent prompts and will either keep giving the same answer or just make new stuff up. Should i be writing my prompts in a different way?