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app.csvibes is an online AI writing tool that uses the ChatGPT engine to fill data into CSV files directly in the browser. It’s a fast, conviniente and secure way to fill CSV files data with the power of OpenAi engine. Start writing your data quickly and easily today at app.csvibes . com. It is usefull for business and for private.


Update - Still beta version

Added function:

  • send selected
  • edit row
  • payment system Paypal and stripe (in testing)
  • Tokens
  • Login sign in
  • Files repository
    app.csvibes.com is the online tool to use openAI over a csv files apply prompt to multiple sobject

The 1 version of csvibes is on line:

  • Upload custom csv file and write it with gpt-3.5 model
  • Ability to leverage other columns within the dataset as variables. By using a simple code format like “{Column letter}” (e.g., “{A}”), you can refer to and incorporate data from other parts of the table into your prompts.
  • Stripes credi card payment available.
  • Possibility to use it for free for a limited number of 200 instances.

Update - added stripe payment - Updated website and doc- added 200 credit free on sign in
Csvibes app.csvibes com change the way to interact with data files .csv enabling artificial intelligence to operate on the data set based on your prompt.

It accept natural language queries on the rows of a table.

This means you can simply ask questions using everyday language that the laguage AI model will understand and process your requests seamlessly for each row of the table .

One of the standout features of Csvibes is its ability to leverage other columns within the dataset as variables. By using a simple code format like “{Column letter}” (e.g., “{A}”), you can refer to and incorporate data from other parts of the table into your prompts.

Csvibes saves an enormous amount of time for countless applications across various domains:

e-commerce, legal, medicine, Commerce, research, training dataset, content creation, data normalization, translation.

Take a look of some example beween infinite possible, to bettere understand how it works:

  • Data training based on different context languages: Analyze the text “{F}” for style, voice, and, tone. Create a prompt to write a new paragraph in the same style, voice, and tone.
  • Code math instance: Write a python function to filter “{C}” based on condition “{G}” with the following inputs: “{H}”“{Y}”“{Q}” - “{Z}” and expected output: “{A}”.
  • Legal Csvibes prompt for collective legal action: Write the warning for the Company “{b}” in the name of the Customer “{c}” that has received a Spam Call from “{F}”. Draft a $“{G}” Lawsuit Under the TCPA to Sue. Use Contexts Learned from Other Lawsuits.
  • Wordpress blog creation: Write a 500-word blog post on “{A}”
  • Software GUI translation: Translate “{B}” in spanish language

You can create also multiple prompts at same time on different columns. Let’s use the last sentence as a simple example:

  • Software GUI translation:
  • (In column X) Translate “{N}” in spanish language.
  • (In Column Y) Translate “{N}” in italian language.
  • (In column Z) Translate “{N}” in “{T}” language.

Whether you’re dealing with complex datasets, performing extensive research, or tackling large-scale projects, csvibes offers endless potential for innovation and optimization!

Updated app.csvibes.com login with google works

you can use csvibes to create or modify ecommerce catalog products. Let AI makes the job and ask csvibes to create the csv file for bulk product import in Magento prestashop bigcommerce woocommerce and others.

UPDATE> app.csvibes.com

Added gpt 4 function!!! User can now choose between gpt3.5 turbo and gpt-4

app.csvibes.com Update: Added parsing Json and XML

It is possible now to upload a Json or a XML file and naturally still remain CSV . Still in testing and working on nested Json and XML

Any commernt and feedback are wellcome!!!

DEar friends. Big progress on app.csvibes.com Just added Dalle images generation models to csv json and xml file tool app.csvibes.com

UPDATE: Added images generation model DALLE you can generate multiple images over CSV json xml files table!
Test it for free and give us a feedback. Thanks.

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http://app.ccsvibes.com update:

Ability to create multiple images via AI stable diffusion model over csv xml json files.

possibility to download the images generated through AI on your device

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Hi all, I’m really proud to announce new big UPDATE on https://app.csvibes.com : T
emplate functionality -
In Csvibes users can create multiple files HTML TXT JS PDF WORD using artificial intelligence LLM and stable diffusion models.


Hi, I realise this has been up for a while, but could you please add a privacy policy link to your site, GDPR and other privacy requirements around the world are quite strict about this.

Thanks, yes I still need to refine interface. Privacy and terms added.

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Now it is possible to add personal OpenAI Api Key on https://app.csvibes. So you can make a subscription for 20 euro/month and you can unlimited use (storage space is limited to 20 GB)
and use app.csvibes unlimited.

It is possible to select LLM model specifically on each column

:rocket: Exciting News from CSVibes! :rocket:

Absolutely thrilled to hear about the major updates coming to CSVibes AI app! It’s always exhilarating to witness new functionalities that enhance the user experience. Huge kudos to the development team for their ongoing commitment to making the app more powerful and cutting-edge.

I can’t wait to explore the new features and fully leverage everything CSVibes has to offer. Your dedication to listening to the community and consistently improving the app is clearly paying off. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this significant leap forward!

:star2: CSVibes v2.0 - Major Updates! :star2:

Here’s the eagerly awaited changelog for CSVibes version 2.0, packed with exciting new features and improvements:

New Features:

Large Language Models (text) added:


Stable diffusion models (images) added:


API Key Customization:

Now you can use your own API keys on a subscription basis for a personalized experience.

Code Generation Improvements:

Resolved bugs related to code generation.
Added code visualization feature.

AI Chat for Model Testing and Training:

Introduced AI chat for testing and training models.
Advanced chat functionality to generate individual texts across all models and on training data.

Vector-Based Content Generation:

Ability to train AI and generate content based on PDFs, TXT files, or websites (via web crawler) using vectors.

Flat Monthly Rate:

Added the option for a flat monthly rate for convenient usage.


Added JSON parsing.
Ability to use JSON as a dataset.
Import-export functionality for generated JSON.

These updates promise to take CSVibes to new heights, providing users with an even more versatile and powerful AI experience. Cheers to the CSVibes team for pushing the boundaries of innovation!

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I have been looking for something like this for a while now! Incredible!

Can I make the UI better? The thing works great but needs UX love

Thank you so much. Yes I have to improve UX. I want to arrive finally from Beta to Alfa version and then I’ll make my best on UX. Now I’m implementing some functionalities. Just added vision function and I’m going to add the possibility to upload bulk images from url or from device.