308 Errors - NextJS / Vercel

Using NextJS and Vercel, when deployed, the /.well-known/ai-plugin.json is resolved to a 308 status, but this is hitting an error: https://chat.openai.com/backend-api/aip/p Error creating plugin: {“message”:“Unexpected status code from {PLUGIN_HOSTNAME}/.well-known/ai-plugin.json 308”}

Any advice?

Just forwarded to the Vercel team, I am not super familiar with the setup on that side.

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Thanks Logan! After many trials, I got through by adding www. in front of my domain when registering my plugin with Open AI. Hopefully if people see this note, they can try this too!

Side note, when is the cutoff today for plugin submission?

Cut off is today, AOE time zone.

Was the issue just that your domain needed the www because of the way it was setup? Anything we can do to help make this more clear?

This was from the way I set it up. In an example project, it worked fine without it. Yes, would be a bit more clear if in addition to openai.com or localhost:3000 there was www.openai.com (if enough space on the UI).

Love it. Ai Standard Time.