3 Best Directories To Find AI Tools

  1. Futurepedia : FuturePedia is an AI tools directory that focuses on emerging technologies and AI-related tools. It covers a wide range of areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and automation. FuturePedia provides a platform for users to discover and learn about the latest AI tools and innovations in the field.

  2. Flivvy : Flivvy is an AI tools directory that helps users discover and explore various AI tools and platforms. It provides a curated list of AI tools, categorized by different domains such as natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, and more.

  3. Insidr.ai : Insidr.ai is another AI tools directory that offers a comprehensive collection of AI tools and resources. It includes tools for data preprocessing, model training, deployment, and monitoring. Users can search and filter tools based on their specific requirements and find useful resources for their AI projects.

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So, what are your favorite tools, since you seem to research them quite a bit?

Also which of those websites is yours? :grin:


check out aitoptools . com as well. 10K ai tools in one directory. they also promote ai top jobs, and ai news!

I would give nanai.tools a try (it is mine hehe). It’s 100% focused on the users: content, UX and super performance… and something very cool (using OpenAI) is coming soon :rocket:

Also, as something curious, it’s been developed in less than 20 days (part-time) by a guy I met on Twitter (#BuildInPublic) and me :smiley:

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Give us a go… just launching as we see a gap we can fill.

HDRobots is another easy-to-search AI tool directory. It compares tools based on their online popularity.

Amazing list! Check out :point_right: BestAiTo dot com
A website that aggregates all the best and latest AI tools for you. Daily Update.

hi this three toos are looking great can you add few more tools in future

There is another very good AI directory called AiChief that provides you with reviews, guides, opinions, and updates about tools. You should also check it out.

I founded an AI tools directory “AI Parabellum”.

  1. AI Toolhouse: They have around 3600+ AI tools and 2000+ Custom GPTs. I use it. Using AI Toolhouse is so simple and finding tools and GPTs is also easy.
    [ aitoolhouse[.]com ]

Explore over 3000 cutting-edge AI tools for various purposes at OikosAI

Whether you’re a developer, researcher, or enthusiast, find the perfect solution for your needs and elevate your projects with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

Interesting list!
I would say the 2 best ones for me are
DiscoverTheAI . com
and Theresanaiforthat . com
i use both, discovertheai is fitering the ai tools in the market to only give you the best ones, and theresanaiforthat has a huge amount of ai tools on his website, so a nice balance between them both is nice

Stackai.cc is also good to find ai tools.
Topaitools is second good.
If you find more plz post here.