3.5 helped me create AI integrated Shopify store guide

Hello, my name is Donald Clements from Burr Oak MI and I’ve been obsessed with this AI bot. I am a 42 year old entrepreneur and I found a process that resulted in 3.5 creating a detailed, step by step guide to create a fully automated Shopify drop shipping store including marketing strategies and how to monetize the guide itself. I’m wondering if this has been done yet?

That’s not something we can be certain of, and we likely won’t really know for sure until custom GPTs get released. However, note a couple things:

  1. Shopify is already integrating LLMs into their whole system, so be wary of starting up a business around this. They might develop the same feature later. This is why people are warning entrepreneurs about “wrapper” businesses, because they have high risk of being obsolete in a matter of months.

  2. Monetizing a guide provided by GPT is probably not the wisest idea. Keep in mind, text and imagery made my ChatGPT cannot be copyrighted. So, you are welcome to monetize the guide, but anyone else can replicate and distribute it for their own purposes to do as they please. Also, consider how easy it was to produce the guide, and the fact that anyone using ChatGPT can make a guide for themselves in the same way.