2 weirds behaviors: Streaming no working - Stopping generation not working

Hello, I have 2 weirds bugs:

  1. Recently the streaming of ChatGPT answers stopped working: I have to wait until the WHOLE generation is done and then I get the whole answer.
  2. I never been able to stop any generation on ChatGPT: when I click on the stop button, it stills continue to generate the output.

First bug is very annoying because if I’m not happy with the early answer, within seconds, I’m already fixing my prompt. Second bug is less annoying but still, kinda annoying because if I already fixed my prompt I cannot stop and rerun.

Please Help :pray::heart:

Up we go, like a UFO! :flying_saucer::alien: Please help me!

Support are you here? I also sent an email but no answer. I know you have a lot of work, but I’m paying a subscription, the least you can do is telling me that you’re gonna answer me in some time please.

This is not a support channel to get answers direct from OpenAI, nor is it likely they even see suggestions, feature requests, or even massive problems where dozens of new users dump into bug threads.

All I can say is the little dancing ball is still outputting a few words at a time on mine.

You might try a different web browser, disable extensions, or see if other processes on your computing device are hogging the CPU so that the web site can’t render fast.

Thank you for your asnwer

I see, just in case some other people have the same problem…

Not me, the little dancing ball is outputting everything at once.