2+ features, "GPT Team and Git-like experience" - Able to keep up one conversation with multiple GPTs, Branching Convos to Share, and More

As I wrote this out, there are likely a few features here, making this more of an epic.

The new ability to create GPTs that can be made to be more specific to an experience or personality is fantastic. Let me explain my feature request with the following scenario:

I’m an entrepreneur always pushing the bounds of what I am involved in.

I began by having a conversation with a creative GPT that I made, but would like to then go discuss the creative ideas we generated with a more business-focused GPT. This way I can chat about what the implementation of something that I previously came up with the creative GPT would take, what considerations to make, and what I may be overlooking from a business perspective. Then I could chat with a third GPT that is specific to another function of a business.

At the end of the interaction, my team of GPTs and I will have come out with a solid result that I could further refine and implement in a business or product. I guess with this in mind all the GPTs would share the same conversation thread but see things from their own specific view as their behavior was tuned to.

Additionally, it’d be great to be able to download the conversation as a pdf, or refactor into a proper paper, or share a live link to another ChatGPT Plus user for them to continue the conversation.

Another feature could be that the conversation branches off similar to a Git clone, but then can be merged to a main branch, this way different avenues of thought can be explored, but without confusing the main initiatied branch.