2 Developers looking for interesting projects

Hey there!
We’re a dev duo from Germany, currently open for freelance work :upside_down_face:
I’m a full stack dev with ML background, have 5yrs of experience working with various clients and building their solutions from MVP to productive deployment. I’ve been involved in 10 client projects, mostly building web apps (Vue, Flask, ELK, Docker, nginx) to solve some data science related problem. Also used GPT for my master’s thesis back when it wasn’t cool yet.
My friend and colleague is a computer science PhD candidate, just starting out freelance work, but he’s the brilliant mind of the two of us, and has a very strong understanding of the mathematical and theoretical DL background. He’s been researching emergent structures in DL and has 9yrs of programming experience.
Send us a message if you have an interesting project and think we could be a good fit!


yes we are doing work using GPT-J-6B as well.

my email is silvacarl@gmail.com, ok?

Hi there, thanks for your message. What is GPT-J-6B?

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Hi there, We have a project which may or may not interest you. We are building an ‘AI Desktop’ which will be called QuickBrainAI. It will provide ability to almost instantly capture, organize, and then work with all of the vast data that both individual and organizational AI users can generate. It will also merge or include the users files data. The foundation, which we are coding now, is quite simple and elegant and combines Chat GPT and two other components for organizing and working with the data. Despite its simplicity it will fill a crucial role that no other app so far as our research has shown, can fill. We are coding now and should have ‘working demo’ or very early beta in a few days. Wth the desktop foundation in place, we have a whole host of additonal features and upgrades planned, and connecting with AI experts such as yourselves is on agenda We are based in China but intend to address user needs globally, hence both western AI’s and fortchoming Chinese ones will be ultimatly made available in our app. To learn more about me personally, you can visit my personal website: https://ericsommer.world Even if we don’t cooperate on the Quickbrian project, I would welcome a chance to communicate with you. If you view my ‘projects and interests’ page at my website you will see that I have a very wide range of interests which may dovetail with yours. My Wechat ID is ericsommer520 ; my email is worldarta@protonmail.com Though I live in China, I"m temporarily in Thailand at this moment. My phone number here is 66 0954927049

Hi: I might have something interesting.

Please email me at farzad@talktoeve.com

Hi Jana,
I am trying to build a product for the accounting and finance industry featuring GPT 3 capabilities(GPT 4 if it comes out by then). Im keen to have a chat with you guys . You can reach me at cajoseph.abey@gmail.com