13,000 tokens back - chatGPT can recite my paragraph, how is this? I tried to find why and it really does

13,000 words back it still can repeat the first thing I said to it at the top of the conversation, and only twice it appears on the page using the Find tool.

And I tested if it sees it’s own replies and it does, it can say the last 2 words of its last reply to me.

Word Counter says the convo (which all my name removed after copying the convo) is ~11,000 words long, and token count in openai playground is bit more at ~13,000 tokens.

I thought openAI said chataGPT can’t go back more than 4000 tokens???


I hate to be that guy, but do you have a source? :wink:

Either they do have a larger token window for this … or they’re using a summarize technique that remembers certain facts? Maybe it is a GPT-3.8?

I agree that it’s memory is impressive.

Oh, also, some of the endpoints and models do have a slightly larger token limit now, I think.

Hope this helps!

They say it does not store “any” info past 4000 tokens.

Keep in mind it was able to recite perfectly all my first like 25 words i said at start of the convo.

I agree though it is maybe some “fix” or way to enable it, likely. But jsut saying it is interesting, and also they said it wasn’t able to wahaha!! :slight_smile:

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