10K Image Limit

I recently hit the 10K limit for saved images in my collection, and got a notification that I could not save any more. Not saying at this point the limit should be increased as 10K is very generous, and the simple answer is to delete existing images from my collection. Something I’ve been doing as I save most all the images on my hard drive, but would like to offer some suggestions as the deletion process in its current state is a little tedious.

  1. Give the option of sorting through one’s collection by date in reverse order. Currently set by default from newest to oldest, which is perfectly understandable since people are often most drawn to their newest creations. But when having to delete images from my collection, I want to focus first on the older ones that take a long time to scroll down to after 10K.

  2. By that token, perhaps automatically delete the oldest images from one’s collection after the 10K limit has been reached. Would think most anyone who reaches that threshold goes through the trouble of saving the older images they like on their hard drives.

  3. Give the option of selecting multiple images at once for deletion, instead of deleting them one by one. Most often I can delete the image I want without issue from the More Actions dropdown menu by selecting “Remove from collection”, but every now and then I slip up, and click “Generate variations” right above “Remove from collection”. Especially frustrating, not because it uses up a credit, but because it puts me back up on the top of my newest-to-oldest priority list of collection images after backing out of the unintentionally generated variation. With the option of selecting multiple images at once for deletion, I believe this problem could be avoided.