10 Fold Improvement to User Experience -> Unusual Suggestions that can have a HUGE IMPACT

Want to IMPROVE User Experience 10 fold?
Feature Suggestions below are BOLDED.

Please provide the ability to COLLAPSE messages (by default, with expandable ability, and then an “Expand/Collapse All” option).

I send a large JSON Body to ChatGPT to do something with and it makes it a pain to reference past messages I sent or read through them, it floods past responses from ChatGPT that I may want to read more in depth later.

On top of this, consider a means to Search within a Conversation and ACROSS ALL CONVERSATIONS, to find KeyWords or even a GPT-powered Search ability, and a Conversation Collage, bringing multiple Conversations together, with a single GPT-Model that I can interact with to get general information across multiple Conversations I have going.

Furthermore, perhaps something that allows me to “Star” (or “Bookmark”) a Response from ChatGPT.
This way, I can refer to it later.
Then, in the UI for each Conversation, there’s a way to view all the Stars/Bookmarks, which show a snippet (or the full Response), and the ability to click it to go directly to that Message (via something like an HTML ID stored, for Implementation considerations).

Lastly (I know there’s a lot of requests here)…
The ability to have an “AdHoc” Conversation/Question, with the Model associated to my Conversation, but that will be deleted after (for sake of experimenting, or just a “dumb question” that may contain a lot of text in prompt and response that I don’t want “flooding” my Conversation).

As a Bonus:
The ability to highlight/select text in a ChatGPT Conversation and then ask the Model specifically about that. Beyond Copy/Pasting, it should consider surrounding Context and the original Prompt.
I may be 3 or 4 more Prompts deep before finishing reading a Response I received way back above, and then want to ask a follow-up specifically about that… But, there’s now a lot of other Context drowning it that may confuse/mislead the Model.

Thank you!


Hey @Beasted1010 cheers for starting this thread. i love some of your ideas and had a few of my own to add:

Context window limit counter on the side.

I have been thinking about that for ages now.

Along with this a better way to organize them like in personalized folders would be great. instead of just in date order. 100x UX for me.

Ability to fork chats so users can explore multiple approaches to a problem with chat gpt and do a comparison to what is more suitable.

Really hope Open AI takes into consideration our feedback. can we tag any one from the team?